Founded in 2005, Maruti Trading Co. has grown to be the largest independent manufacturer of ultimate solution for truck body in Ahmedabad. We are privately owned, allowing us to focus on building long-term value for our customers, not next week’s report. For over 11 years, our growth and success have been the result of our dedication to quality, service and value to our dealers and especially to our end-user customers - the people who ultimately use our products in truck body.

Your 100% satisfaction is now, as it has been from the beginning, our primary concern. Sure, we make things, but think of ourselves as a SERVICE company. That is why we routinely survey our customers to get their opinion. More importantly, we LISTEN. We’ve added facilities, introduced bulk sizes, reduced packaging material, extended our operating hours, all with the single intention of making happy customers even happier.

Over the years, Maruti Trading Co. has repeatedly been recognized by our trading partners and our customers as a service leader. The greatest recognition comes from our customers in terms of their growth and loyalty. However, we are especially proud of our commitment to the environment and to our community. The greatest awards that we have received have come from our community, which has recognized us for our commitment to being a responsible neighbor.

We are quite proud of our environmental record. For 11 year straight, we have been recognized by authorities as having Strict adherence to environmental and regulatory issues guide us through our every task. No shortcuts here.